Progressive Pakistan – Women in Military Forces

Pakistan is a land of opportunity for those with a knack to carve their future with their own bare hands. There is a popular local saying that “If you can do it in Pakistan you can do it anywhere in the world!” Pakistani women have been and continue to uphold and exhibit the resilience and talent this land nurtures and offers to the whole world. Today some of the leading economists, scientists, financial minds, IT gurus, military strategists, doctors, business innovators, sports figures and many others are Pakistanis. This is a video exhibit of a short infomentary by CNN on the women of Pakistan Air Force.

This is another clip from a TV show on Pakistani youth and their aspirations to serve their country.

Below are a sampling of pictures for Pakistani Women at Arms.



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17 responses to “Progressive Pakistan – Women in Military Forces

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  2. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

  3. publicrelationspakistan

    Thank you Savannah. Keep commenting and share ideas for new posts.

  4. Ayesha qureshi

    I really really love PAK Army n my aim is 2 be a part of PAK Army.I am now in class 10th n in future I want to become an ARmy doctor.

  5. Javed Iqbal

    It’s a very nice purposeful blog that is showing positive and progressive image of youth and Pakistan. I liked it 🙂

    Javed Iqbal
    Educator | Empowerer | Entrepreneur
    Lahore, Pakistan

  6. publicrelationspakistan

    Thank you Javed. Please feel free to share ideas, topics, information that may be useful in further improving Pakistan’s image.

  7. I recently made a film about female soldiers in combat. The female experience of war from a soldier’s perspective is noticeably absent in the media today.

    While the US, Britain and others still deny women combat roles, the Canadian Forces permits women into all combat trades. Some of their stories and perspectives are presented in the film Sisters in Arms. I hope that more women, and particulary soldiers, will enter the discussion and share their stories.

    • Qurratulain Khan

      I dont know about Betty’s perspective, but I am a girl in favour of combat duty for women. Most girls in Pakistan look to join the army as a doctor, but I myself wish to join as a front line soldier and take part in gun battle. I would like to encourage other girls to share my ambition. Otherwise army job doesnt make any sense to me.

      • javaid Ahmad

        yeh, i appreciated you on your bravery. if everyone in our country has a thought like you, we wll never be defeated by any enemy.May Allah bless you and give you encourage to achieve your goal. (M.H.Trali )

      • tanveer

        yeah you are right. you r really the owner of great thoughts.I agree with you. Probably I also think in such a way. Front line soldier is infact a true “MUJAHID’. And the peak of my desires and center of my thoughts and prayer is ‘SHAHADAT”.Pray 4 me. may Allah give you success in your mission. Ameen.

  8. rida

    i love Army very much n i m craze about Army.i want to b an army lady officer InshshAllah one day i will became an Army lady officer.

  9. mojay boohat acha laga ap waqi mein kamal larkiyan hoo mojay boohat khushi hoi is tarhan hi pakistan ka na m roshan karoo mari dua tum logon k sath hai

  10. i want to join pak army plz tell me any body what is the procedure of apply in pak army m vvvvvvvvvvvv thankful

    • publicrelationspakistan

      Please visit the registration page for commission in the Pakistan Army here:

      Find the link that reads ‘Lady Officers (Women Commission)’ on the left green box. Clicking on this link shall display the recruitment standards in the right box.

      We have pasted the information as of 1500hrs October 16, 2011 below for your and others convenience:


      Applications are invited of female candidates in the fields of Instructional/Staff Appointments for Grant of Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) in the Army. The candidates must be qualified from reputed local/foreign universities/institutions recognized by PEC/HEC and must fulfill the following criteria and eligibility conditions:-


      Direct Short Service Commission in Corps of Electrical & Mechanical
      Engineers as Captain

      Electrical/Mechanical/ Computer (Hardware Engineering)/ Mechatronics Engineer (with min 2.5 CGPA or 60% marks in annual sys)

      Direct Short Service Commission in Corps of Engineers as Captain

      (1) BE Civil Engineering
      (2) BE Architectural Engineering
      (3) BE Town Planning
      With minimum 3.0 CGPA or 65% marks

      Direct Short Service Commission in Corps of Signal as Captain

      Minimum 1 st Division /CGPA 3.0 through out the career in following :-
      (1) MS in Telecommunication Engineering
      (2) Software Engineering/Information Security
      MBA (IT) with background (Bachelors) of Computer Science/Telecommunication Engineering / Software Engineering. from any HEC /PEC recognized or a foreign university Candidates possessing experience of 2-3 year in teaching /working with industry will be preferred.

      Direct Short Service Commission in Army Education Corps as Captain

      MSc 1st Division in any one of the following subjects.
      1. Math
      2. Physics
      M.Phill/ Ph.D will be given preference and seniority as permissible.

      Direct Short Service Commission as Computer Specialist Officers (CSO)

      B.Sc Engineering/BE in electrical/ Telecommunication/Computer software/ computer system with minimum CGPA 2.5/ 62% marks.
      Ladies having service experience will be preferred.

      28 Years (Relaxable upto 35 years in individual cases having higher qualification)

      MARITAL STATUS: Unmarried
      HEIGHT: 5 Feet & 2 Inches

      – Female citizens of Pakistan / Azad Kashmir Nationals and state subject of Class-I
      – Pakistani candidates having dual nationality will initiate the process for renunciation of their foreign nationality and will give an undertaking before joining Army that they will complete the procedure for renunciation of their foreign nationality before completion of their training.
      – Those failing to renounce their foreign nationality or those who do not complete the procedure will not be granted commission. Additionally, they will be liable to pay the training charges / bond money and will be released from the Army.

      Following are ineligible to apply:-
      – Already screened out or rejected twice by Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB)/ General Headquarters (GHQ) /Naval Headquarters (NHQ) /Air Headquarters (AHQ) Selection Boards for any type of commission in the Armed Forces. (Candidates rejected twice by ISSB for under graduate courses are eligible for third chance if they have attained post graduate degree).
      – Previously declared medically unfit by an Appeal Medical Board /Combined Medical Board for Army, Navy and PAF.
      – Released or discharged or withdrawn from the Armed Forces or any of its training establishments on grounds of inefficiency or indiscipline.
      – Convicted by Court of Law for an offence involving moral turpitude.


      – REGISTRATION: ONLINE Registration through Internet / at AS &RCs & AS &ROs.

      – PRELIMINARY/WRITTEN TESTS: Registered candidates will appear in preliminary medical /Intelligence and the written tests at Recruitment Centre.

      – INTERVIEWS: Candidates shall be interviewed by the board of officers AS&RCs during the preliminary selection. Programme of interviews shall be given to the candidates by the following Recruitment Centres :-

      AS&RC Telephone AS&RC Telephone
      (1) Peshawar 201-5885 (2) Rawalpindi 561-34137
      (3) Lahore 6699-5855 (4) Multan 531-5885
      (5) Hyderabad 791-5885 (6) Karachi 560-5885
      (7) Quetta 081-2490-58 (8) Gilgit 05811-961-5887

      – ISSB: Candidates qualified in preliminary selection shall under go ISSB tests. Separate calls letters shall be issued to the candidates for the purpose.

      – Detail Medical Examination: Candidates declared successful by the ISSB shall be put through medical examination at Military Hospitals closer to the home stations.

      – Final Selection: Merit list of all successful candidates who are declared medically fit shall be put through merit. Final selection shall be made by the GHQ on the basis of over all performance of candidates.

      Documents Required AT AS & RC:-

      All candidates will deposit the following documents with Army Selection and Recruitment Officers (AS &ROs) after registration :-
      – Three attested copies of passport size photographs.
      – 2 x attested photocopies of each educational certificates / diploma / degree alongwith the original.
      – 2 x photocopies of National Identity Card issued by NADRA.
      – Candidates serving in Government institutions / departments will render no objection certificate from the concerned establishment along with the documents listed above.

      Private Coaching Training Centre for ISSB Tests:

      According to existing rules Armed Forces, Pre ISSB training cannot be imparted by any individual or private coaching centre. GHQ PA Directorate denies any link with such illegal & unethical training establishments throughout the Country. Any candidate found trained /coached in any private coaching centre, will be not recommended.

      BONDS: Selected candidates will be required to sign a bond to serve the Army for a minimum period of 7 years. The applicability of bond will commence on successful completion of basic military training (BMT) (Pakistan Military Academy). .

      Grant of Commission: On successful completion of Basic Military Training (BMT) at PMA Kakul, Candidates will be granted commission in the Army in temporary rank of Captain. Ante-date seniority can be considered under the existing rules.

      Previous Tests: Unsuccessful candidates of previous selection schedules can also apply subject to fulfilling eligibility conditions listed above.

      Note: Government servants will apply through proper channel if falling within the age limit.

  11. ikra ayaz

    aoa yar what as the procedure or how can i apply for a cadet solider in army……………………………………on pre med bse…….kindl guide

  12. Asalam u alikum plz tell me the procedure how to apply as a commission officer.i have done my master

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