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Journalism and Advertising Veteran Javed Ansari joins Corporate and Marketing Communications Pvt. Limited as the VP & COO

VP and COO, Corporate & Marketing Communications (Pvt.) Limited

Javed Ansari joins CMC (Pvt.) Limited as the VP and COO

Karachi, 2010: World renowned PR Network-Ketchum’s exclusive affiliates in Pakistan, CMC (Pvt.) Ltd. has announced the appointment of Javed Ansari as Vice President & Chief Operating Officer.

Javed will be responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of all activities pursued by CMC in Pakistan, but with special emphasis on public relations and image marketing.

Before joining CMC, he was serving as Senior Creative Director at Leo Burnett Pakistan (Manhattan Communications (Pvt.) Ltd.), the Pakistan affiliate of Leo Burnett Worldwide. He brings to his new position rich experience in advertising and journalism spanning over 3 decades. He is one among a few people in Pakistan who combine active careers in both advertising and journalism.

“I warmly welcome Javed Ansari to CMC and we look forward to immensely benefiting from his vast experience and professional dedication in driving the company forward,” remarked Syed Jawaid Iqbal, President & CEO, CMC (Pvt). Ltd., on appointment of the company COO.

CMC (Pvt). Ltd. is one of Pakistan’s leading image marketing and communications agencies and Ketchum’s exclusive affiliate in Pakistan. Ketchum ranks among the largest global public relations agencies, operating in more than 65 countries.

CMC maintains offices in Karachi and Islamabad that offer a full portfolio of public relations, community development, strategic counseling, crisis management, government lobbying, media management, behavioral change communication and public policy services.

It is the only PR agency in Pakistan with equally strong advertising and publishing wings. Leveraging the power of its comprehensive range of capabilities, CMC serves a roster of some of the world’s leading companies, including Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Emirates Airlines, ICI,  British High Commission, Barclays, Dubai Islamic Bank, IMC (Toyota), Samba, NCR, Teradata, PSO, KESC, among others.



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Hasan Anwer Zuberi – Head of Client Services, Momentum PR

12 years in the PR and marketing scene in Pakistan, Indonesia and Singapore; Hasan has worked with leading names like Imation Corp., Tec-Microsoft, Asiatic PR (Hill & Knowlton) and AAJ TV (Leading Pakistani News Channel).

Hasan has been part of the marketing and PR market since 1995 and thus understands the dynamics of business in growing markets such as Pakistan. He is one of the few PR practitioners in Pakistan with a self-imposed code of ethics even in absence of any regulatory framework at industry level. It is this rare and pertinent value that has won him respect across the industry both within the agency and client circles.

Hasan is married and a proud father of a son and a daughter. He is also the Chairman of Mensa Pakistan. Zuberi likes to volunteer in social activities and enjoys socializing.

Head of Client Services, Momentum PR

Head of Client Services, Momentum PR

Momentum PR has more recently taken a step up by joining alliance with Sahara Communications, Dubai and Upstream Asia already covered here.


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Pakistan’s top PR clients drastically slash PR budgets in 2009…happily!

The PR industry in Pakistan was never the most rapidly growing segment within the communications business in terms of value but it sure has been the one hard hit by the current (or not) economic recession in the country.

Major clients, includig MNCs and national companies, have either slashed their PR budgets in half or even discontinued their retainership contracts with thir PR agencies. Chances are that the agencies would be primarily working on project basis rather than enjoying monthly retainers sitting in their chairs.

It is not that overall corporate budgets haven’t been slashed including marketing and advertising, HR training and organizational perks. However what’s important to realize is that how “easily” have the PR agencies been laid off under the current economic burden. The cause (s) may be serious enough to determine the future image and growth of the PR sector.

Cause-1: PR agency adds no “real” and “measurable” value to business objectives. Its just a decorative item.

Cause-2: Even if the PR flute needs to be played due to organizational regulations (mostly MNCs), the same can be fulfilled with a smaller budget and with a less costly agency.

Cause-3: All agencies offer the same run-of-the-mill service. Why pay permium for the label only?

Cause-4: At the end of the day my advertising budgets ensure the insertion of my PRs with the PR agency just as a watch-dog. Why pay double when can be done in-house?

Cause-5: Hiring a PR agency is just as easy as firing one.

Where the above may show lack of awareness on the clients’m behalf it also reveals the serious lack of education on part of the PR sector, especially the few major players. The reason has been merry-making with pretty much a monopoly within the PR servicing market and in-attention to industrial development.

This pretty much resembles the early 1970 state of the advertising sector until it went through reforms and standardized under the Pakistan Advertising Association (PAA) that is the custodian of the advertising profession and representative body of the advertising agencies in Pakistan. The PAA also runs the Pakistan Advertising Institute in Karachi; a premier institution for formal training in the field of advertising and media.

APNS (All Pakistan Newspaper Society) is another media regulatory body representing the entire media. The APNS regulates the business relationship amongst advertising agencies, the media and the advertisers.

However there does not exist any association or society that represents the PR industry and regulate the profession in the best interest of the industry. Had there been an attempt by the leading PR agencies trhe situation would have been very different. A forum would exist to safeguard and prom0te the practice of PR, develop skilled resource, regulate service standards and engage into development initiatives. In the light of such an arrangement the current situation would be much more stable than it is now. The responsibility lies on both the PR agencies and the corporate clients to work out a autonomous common platform, provide it the initial seed money and contribute towards its capacity building. The race to accumulate more clients with the same number of resources and infrastructure will only re-enforce the current perception of mediocrity and un-critical positioning.

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Momentum PR takes a leap

Momentum Public Relations, Pakistan has signed associateship with Upstream Asia; Asia Pacific’s leading Communications group.

MPR has also signed am associateship with the Dubai based leading PR firm Sahara Communications; World’s largest PR Company servicing the real estate sector.

MPR is a young PR firm with a seasoned and young team. With the strategic developments achieved within a short time frame we can surely expect this dynamic company to give a boost to the national and regional PR scene.

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Syed Jawaid Iqbal – President & CEO Corporate & Marketing Communications Pvt. Limited

Jawaid Iqbal began his professional career in 1972  in the client services department with (now) Lowe Lintas. Jawaid is primarily a law graduate with experience in the field of publications. Originally starting off his career in publication business, with a local magazine on political affairs, Jawaid eventually ventured into the PR agency business in the 1980’s.
Corporate & Marketing Communications Pvt. Limited (CMC)  is based in Karachi with a coordination office in Islamabad. CMC services PR needs of corporations in Pakistan. Updated information can be obtained from their website at http://www.cmc.com.pk


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Zainab Ansari – Managing Director/CEO, Xenith Public Relations, Pakistan

President, Xenith PR, Pakistan

President, Xenith PR, Pakistan

Zainab’s career started in 1975 with ICI Pakistan as their first ever public relations executive. After working for nearly two and half years, she joined Intercontinental Hotel, Karachi, as Guest Relations Manager. After successfully completing formal guest relations training across the hotel network she went on to become a trainer for trainers for Intercontinental Hotels in Pakistan. She went on to gain experience with known names such as Digital Communication, 3-D Systems and CMC (a period spread over more than 15 years), Zainab finally found her company Xenith PR in the year 2000.

Zainab is among those dedicated professionals who strongly believe that public relations is a full-fledged discipline. Her biggest contribution to the PR industry in Pakistan is perhaps the creation of her PR firm that is a promise to the development and recognition of this sophisticated communication trade.

Zainab Ansari was also amongst the privileged jury for “The American Business Awards” – Stevie Awards held in April-May 2008.

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